What can iTECH do for you?

Our in-depth STRATIX and general application development knowledge can go a long way.


iTECH specializes in helping companies harness the maximum potential of the applications they use on a daily basis. Their flagship service, STRATIX customization, eventually led iTECH to becoming a premier general IT development provider. While custom reporting and module tweaking for STRATIX remains a big part of their focus, they can help plan and execute other application building projects of any size.

The decisions you make today for your business shape its future. This fundamental principal starts with the people you decide to work with. We’re dedicated to helping along the way, so reach out to us and discover how we can achieve the unthinkable together. Get in touch ›


Case Study: X&R Global

X&R is truly a global company, and iTECH helped them with a solution that fit all their needs.

XR-Global required an integrated and scalable solution to manage product information from thousands of their vendors. iTECH proposed a customized internet based solution. The proposed system offered an integrated solution for web-portal, product & vendor management system and customer management system.

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